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Fear Doesn't Get a Vote

This is the end-of-year, 2019 recap post, where we would talk about how it "has been an incredible year," and would explain that "we released over 8,000 new products this year," and would celebrate the various "successful initiatives like launching a free trial feature and a lifetime membership event last June." We would proclaim that "2020 is going to be even better." And we'd tease with "two huge things that we're working on that we're not quite ready to share with you yet." All of that's true, but there's really just one thing I want to share. It's something that I think was a big part of why 2019 was so great, and why we're about to enter 2020 pursuing some huge things that weren't even on our radar at the beginning of the year.


At the beginning of the year, we identified the concept of "boldness" as one of our company's culture traits. It's something that has showed up a lot over the past 16+ years in different ways, but we've never explicitly called it out as something that defines Igniter. But now we do, and it's amazing what attaching yourself to an idea like that can do. When facing changes that we need to make, we get busy battening down the hatches, rather than worrying about rocking the boat. When we might have asked "who are we to do this big thing?" now we ask "why not us?" It's not that we're foolishly or blindly racing ahead, and it doesn't mean that we're not scared—because sometimes we are. It just means that that fear doesn't get a vote. Maybe this is something you needed to hear as well. We hope that 2020 will be a year where you can be confident and bold in the things that you are called to do. We're excited to support you in them as you do. Happy New Year!


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