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Saying Goodbye to WorshipHouse Media


We at RT Creative Group have an important announcement to make. Today, we finalized the sale of WorshipHouse Media, one of our sister companies, to Salem Communications. We thought it was important to take a moment to announce this decision to our Igniter audience.

In case you are unaware, WorshipHouse Media is a company that we started more than 5 years ago. From the beginning, WorshipHouse’s goal was to supply the creative resource of many different church media producers (like Igniter) for local churches everywhere. These past few years have been exciting with WorshipHouse as we have developed so many friendships with producers and churches alike. We reached this decision to sell WorshipHouse after a tremendous amount of thought and prayer.

We have been friends with the Salem Web Network team for years and have partnered with them on many occasions. As we considered this significant change, it was important to us that this sale be in the best interest of our company, Salem, producers, and churches/ministries.  We are confident that Salem has a stronger reach than us, which we hope will benefit many more churches. We also think it will be good for those that create great media content.  Our hope is this  sale will allow producers to continue to develop even better resources that will help spread the gospel in increasingly creative ways.

In doing all of this, we are extremely sad to be saying goodbye to the WorshipHouse staff: Dale Carter, Luke Miller, Tylor McGee, and Zuriel Barron.  I love all of them a lot and will miss them more than I can express in this blog post.  The good news is that they will continue to run WorshipHouse together… believe me, WorshipHouse is in great hands.

As for RT Creative Group (Igniter Media and Echo Conference), I really look forward to the next 15-24 months.  We are in the midst of the biggest shift our company has ever had.  It will be a challenge, but I am confident in the Lord. Confident that He will provide and will direct our path as we enter the next ‘act’ of our company.

Pray for us and know that we are more thankful than ever to be able to serve the local church with media resources.


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